Is there any way to restrict the usage of memory of RAM used in the system?
i.e. If i have a 1GB RAM used in a computer, can i restrict the OS to use only a part of the RAM (may be 256MB) and remaining as inaccessible, so that the computer shows only RAM capacity as 256MB.
Please suggest me whether this is possible??

Why would you want to limit the amount of RAM?

Here's how to do it if your using windows. Open run and type msconfig then click on the boot tab and click on the advanced options button then you can set the maxium memory to use.

Whilst this should limit the ram used I'd still like to know why you want to limit the RAM.

im gonna guess it because they thing they can then us the rest for running program and doing stuff like burning
just a guess though

thanks for the reply.. actually i want to test my application for different RAM sizes.

Is there any way to do for controlling the processor speed also...?