I just got an HP Compaq 610 and im charging its battery for the first time. It's been on charging (the laptop is shut down) for approx 17~20 hrz now but still the laptop won't boot up if the power cable is removed. Moreover, the LED which is supposed to stay on when the battery is being charged keeps flashing. Not continuously, but rather it's stays ON for 3 seconds then blinks off then comes back on.

How long am i supposed to charge it? and is it ok if the LED is blinking?


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This probably means the battery is either dead or not installed properly.

how do i check it? and if indeed it is dead...(i'm not sure what exactly that means) then how do i fix it? i went through the manual i have i have done all it says plus as far as i can see the battery is also installed as it should be.


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