Hello, my first post.

My desktop monitor is displaying "no signal input". My desktop computer sounds like its running but i have no image on the monitor except that message, plus the power light is showing orange instead of green.

I unplugged the monitor and connected it to my HP Laptop - and set the laptop up to use the second monitor from the personalization menu in the control panel.
My laptop detects that there is a monitor present, yet when I set it up to show my desktop on both the laptop and external monitor, click on apply and ok, the desktop monitor is still blank with the power light still orange.

The monitor was working fine last night and previous to that. I've had no problems with it and it's plugged into a UPS.

Does this mean my monitor is dead? or is there something else I can do? Suggestions appreciated. Thank you very much. debmae

Sounds like a broken monitor sorry to say. The only other thing I could think is that the laptop external monitor port was also broken, but i doubt it. As for repairs, theses days its cheaper to buy a new monitor than to get it repaired. GL

I sort of exptected to hear this. I'm going to try one more thing. I think I have another monitor cable around, I'm going to plug that into my monitor and try it on the desktop again as well as the laptop, Failing that, I suppose it's time to replace it. I appreciate your response. debmae

did you tried to plug your monitor to laptop or desktop ?
if you connect it to your laptop, there is shortkey on your keyboard (Fn + F5) but depend of your laptop. If you still have problem with desktop PC, ist probably an error on data cable.

It's not the monitor, per se, but the video card. As zorndyke says, try the monitor with the laptop first.

You also say that you can replace the video cable so I assume the monitor is one on those older types that has a cable that can be separated from the monitor? If so, check the pins in the connection on the end that has pins (ie cable and Monitor connection). Sometimes the pins can bend when a person plugs it in the wrong way, by mistake.

Is it an LCD Monitor?

Thanks for your replies... I went out and bought a new monitor. When I went to unplug the old one that I had the problem with "no signal input" with, guess what! It was loose... I tightened it up and the monitor worked fine.... Lesson learned: First check your cables at boths ends before you go buy a new one.

Well, I did get a new 20" monitor for $100 from Staples. Not bad,, now what to do with the other one that is 19" and working just fine! Ha... silly me. Again, thanks for your replies.