hope someone can cast some light on this issue....
recently i have had three motherboards fail i suspect that
it was due to the chernobyl virus. anyway rather than buying
another motherboard i read somewhere that it was possible
to reflash the bios chip with an eprom programmer.....
well i got the programmer set up all the switches to the
correct chip type and where i thought i would get an
oppertunity to use the bios image i got from asus
the programmer once activated did not request for an image but proceeded to write once completed i got the success message
anyway i put the chip back into the motherboard and what do you know the thing fired up..........butno graphics although the graphics chip did get warm...no problem change the g card
after 4 attempts nothing.......

Q is the bios image preloaded onto the pcb50 programmer
Q do i need to direct the programmer to the replacement bios
Q do I need to update the programmer software some how.

Q am I doing anything wrong.
any help will be very much appreciated.

your programmer model

i m use intelligent programmer u send our programmer model