Okay, I've read through several of the threads around here detailing "No Signal" problems with their monitors, and I'm pretty sure the problem isn't with my monitor at this point.

My monitor has infrequently given me trouble with not picking up a signal from my computer, but in the past the problem has passed with a simple resecuring of the cable. As it stands now, my monitor will run for a few minutes, even as long as an hour, then will lose signal. While I was using it tonight, I made sure to be running a program with audio and when the monitor lost signal, the audio slowed and eventually stopped altogether. The fans continued to run in the case, so I find myself wondering what this particular problem could be and how I can troubleshoot it.

I have tried the monitor with another computer, but I have not tried the computer with another monitor yet and I haven't tinkered with any of the internal hardware at all.

Any and all speculation about where my problem could be coming from would be greatly appreciated.