Imation Apollo 320 gb hard disk was fine..suddenly, the system reads it..shows occupied space but no file is accesible

USBCP[æ . THIS NAME APPEARS alongwith a shortcut icon to D drive..PLEASE HELP..!!!!

Hi, yes, it's distressing when a disk suddenly becomes inaccessible

1. Maybe the partition table or MFT is damaged.

I've recovered this successfully a couple of times.

There are as ever various tools, free and not free, which may help you. Not all partition managers offer partition recovery.

is one..
offers two probably relevant programs for data recovery and partition recovery (not free).

2. Data recovery
Even if you can't recover the partition structure, there's a chance you may recover some files using a program that scans your disk. How successful that may be and whether you retain the filenames depends on what corruption has occurred.
For data recovery, Diskdigger, Recuva are popular
PC Inspector File Recovery
Pandora File Recovery
(free) offer scans for files.
(You need more than jsut recover deleted files).

Good luck