Hi all
I need help please! I have a PC that is controlling a CNC cutting machine and after a two week shutdown for Xmas the PC won't boot up. The system is quite old and running on windows 98 and when you power the machine up the power light comes on the PSU fan is running, the HDD light comes on, but the machine will not boot. The monitor just says no signal ( I have tried another monitor and lead with no luck) the speaker gives out a continious bleep, and it wont run through bios! Any ideas!
Thanks in advance

I suspect you are getting a "Checksum" error or keyboard error and can't see it. Can you see the POST messages normally? If you send more information about your motherboard, I could try to find specific information, but usually there is a button to press which will ignor the error (F1?) and continue.

If it is a Checksum error, you would power down the machine, open the cover and find the CMOS battery (it probably is about the size of a quarter). Replace it with a new one. I am focused on this idea because you said it ran fine until it was off for a while. Although a dead CMOS battery would usually cause one, or a few beeps rather than a continuous beep. Is this one long tone, or pulsing beeps?

The first thing I would do is unplug everything except the monitor, and a different keyboard and mouse. Try booting and see if anything changes. Is there a pattern to the beeping (like two beeps, pause three beeps, etc.)?