why do we need a high speed ram when we have a good processor?

why do we need a high speed ram when we have a good processor?

because then perform 2 different jobs on the computer
the closer they get to the same speed the better computers will work

the faster the data can enter and leave the the ram the better your computer will perform. i.e. a 3ghz processor with 400mhz ram will run slower putting information into the ram than a 1ghz processor with 1ghz ram

can u please explain it

explain computers ,god I'm lucky i can explain oranges !
it just does thats all .lol

RAM & Proc have two different jobs.
Just like if you want to go somewhere, your foot and cardio is the processor, and your brain is the RAM :-)

My understanding is that:

The CPU and RAM are integrally linked, constantly talking, the CPU giving the RAM something to remember for a tick, then asking for it back.

If the CPU has to wait for the RAM to take the info, or wait for the RAM to give it back, then the RAM is the weak link in the chain, not a good situation.

Ideally the RAM is more than capable of keeping up with the CPU, meaning the 'weakest link' is how fast the CPU can do stuff.

The CPU has a small amount of memory on it (cache) but there's not much room etc. in there, so it needs somewhere else to put stuff for a sec.

you're right. They main task of RAM are to store some tasks.
that's basic logic of readyburst system in vista.

it's about the bottleneck.
a good processor need a good RAM to maintain its ratio between the data entered and the data processed.