I was told by one tech at Dell that my PC had a 1GB motherboard and it came with 256mb of RAM installed. I added another 512mb of RAM to the second slot (thinking that I couldn't exceed 1GB). Anyway, I have since found out that my motherboard is actually capable of handling 2GB instead of 1 and I would like to 'max it out'. If I replace the 2 installed cards in the slots with 1GB cards each, how much information (if any) will I lose from my machine's memory? Will there be any repercussions in making a move like that?

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You won't lose any information in making the swap. RAM only works when the computer is turned on, and gets wiped whenever you turn it off. Nothing permanently stored there, only on your hard drive.

Just make sure you get the correct type of RAM and you'll be fine.


Yea, occasionally problem if your new RAM not compatible with your motherboard.
Max it out RAM is very cheap now.


Hi, i'm agree with you all, listen sometimes your new RAM is not compatible with your motherboard, first be sure this is not gonna happen them you can buy it..


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