I had and asus board with onboard sound card which gave out after some years. So i just bought a whole new system except for the HDD PSU and the DVD combo.

The new system spec is this:
2GB of RAM

After i hooked everything up and reformatted the windows and install the drivers from the given discs and install all the codecs. I didnt get any sound at all. I checked everything(literally) regarding software issues(drivers, BIOS, etc.). So i came to a conclusion that its a defective board. I claimed it. After i got a new card i let them check for me if the sound is working on that card. Everything was working fine i was there to witness it. After coming back home i hooked everything up and played some songs but i got no sound so i reformatted it again still the same luck. So now i think that its the power supply short circuiting my M/B's sound chip. But i would like to get some opinio about this before i go claim a new one.

MOuther boar not provide support to sound card. Pls check your board.