My budget is 1,500 Singapore Dollars.
I want to get a computer for gaming but i do not trust Dell as i have heard and read about them thus i chose to choose a computer /laptop from Toshiba but i do not know what intel core/ motherboard and graphics i should get. Please guide me to buy a good computer :O

What are you talking about.

Dell makes Alienware.

To be honest it doesn't matter which one you get all you need to see is if the machine has the graphics card you want.

If you buy a Desktop You will be able to make a Better gaming RIG for the same price of a laptop,

If Gaming is your thing I say Desktop.

Which one to get, seriously only you can answer that.

Goto Newegg, look at all your options, and see what best fits your budget. The rule of thumb for gaming is the more the better. So you want to get the best you can in your budget.

Ofcourse I am sure Singapore has a very diverse electronic market and it will be much cheaper if you get it from there, but you should do your homework and then go shopping.