I have Transcend Storejet 320G Hard Disk which i have been using for around a year now without any problems. However recently when i plugged it into my laptop it will not be detected anymore. I hear the whirring of the cylinders and the light on the hard disk turns on initially but after some time it just turns off. Autoplay does not appear at all

I tried plugging this on an Xp,Vista and ubuntu system all with similar results, i then opened up disk management on XP and i see the hard disk there, i try to format it and the computer does it. However i still cannot read the hard disk this problem has been bugging me for some time now any help would be appreciated.

it would seem to me to be a problem with the hard disk internal electronics and particularly the chips that deal with the addressing facilities on the disk surface. as the same problem arises on differing OS / machines I suspect you will need special equipment and tech expertise to test the hard disk electronics.