i just purchased 2 1gb ddr pc2700 for my dell d600 it says its can use up to 2 gigs and when i pu both sticks in it says memory failure and says decreasing memory....... so i look at my system specs and its only reading 1gb why?

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are you sure that BOTH of the memory sticks are fully pushed down and the clips 'clicked' over and tight. I assume the memory sticks are all the same type (ie same speed and config) normally it should default to the slowest but it deoes depend on the mobo nad the supporting chips.

It would certainoly seem like it cant see all the memory and if it is an older machine you mayhave to tell the bios how much memory ther eis!


i think my computer is a 2004 dell d600... and the ram is all the same and yes i have made sure the ram is pushed down all the way..... any other idea's?


I don't have all the information about your machine, but from what I can gather you have installed RAM with 333MHz bus speed and (if I am correct) your machine can only handle 266MHz.
My searching showed the recommended RAM for you machine is 7N020.
But you have installed PC2700 DDR Memory 1GB (333MHZ) .
Again, I say this with the information I have from what you have supplied. Please check the Dell site with your exact details and check the information required.

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They need to be installed in matching pairs of equal (and reccomended) speed and size.

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