I have a sony 19 inch lcd. My machine is built by myself and was running fine untill 3 days ago i was viewing a video on media player and the picture froze up on me. i tried to reboot the machine and nothing came up on the screen but the computer started fine because I heard the welcome music for windows xp. My first thought was video card so I replaced it with a newer and faster card. Still the same problem. I replaced the mother board with newer and faster. Still the same problem. I've tried new power supply, ram, and hard drive.

I can get the post screen and everything dos fine. I reloaded the hard drive and everything will work fine until I load service pack 2 or the drivers for the video card and then the screen goes blank. After service pack or video card software is loaded when the machine reboots screen will work until the blue welcome screen in windows.

PS I have two of the same monitors and it does the same thing on both.

Thanks in advance..

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use a standard monitor to reinstall the appropriate drivers for your particular monitor.
do not allow windows to automajically update your hardware for you in the future.
if you dont have the drivers download them from the vendors website.

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