hey guys I really need help. I totally rebuilt my system but i'm still getting the same problems from my previous system. The largest problem that I have is that when I'm playing a video I lose audio and video frames and it makes this odd sound when it loses the audio/video. It also slows down my internet explorer/firefox even thought it's fine on my laptop. The videos play perfectly on my laptop.

I got all new parts but i'm still getting those problems.

The parts I got are:
Corsair XMS3 Dominator CL 7-8-7-20
1TB WD Black
i7 930
Corsair HX850W

I have install Windows 7 Prof edition many times and with several different harddrives. I've done clean installs for all of them.

I usually test the videos using VLC. I'm playing a video now and it says that I lost over 8000 audio buffers, and 2300 video frames.

I updated all my drivers. I used the asus dvd and evga dvd and install all programs and drivers and used windows update to get the latest drivers. I also tried different programs such as Windows media player.

Can anyone please help me?

Gaming is very RAM intense both on the graphics adapter AND the system board, of which, you mostly omitted from your profile description.