good evening. im an autocad student in colledge with a bit of a problem im hoping i can get some help with.

when i start my laptop i get the dell screen with a loading bar then it goes directly to the screen where you can make a choice to go into safe mode or start windows normaly. once i press start windows normaly i go to the windows splash screen with loading bar at the bottem. then it goes back to the loading bar on the dell screen. it will continue this process over and over a continueous loop.
ive tried a full pre boot scan and all systems pass their tests. does anyone have any idea whats going on with this?

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Your computer is stuck in a boot loop. Any number of things can cause this but the most common is a problem with the mup.sys file. If this is what has caused your problem then a reinstall of windows is the only really effective cause.

You didn't say what version of windows you have! If it is Vista then the above is very likely indeed!

ok ive got windows professional xp service pack 2. tried the above and now im stuck on the setup. it wouldnt take my registration key. and now it prompts me with a missing file message.(file name asms). Im sick of windows so im gonna F2 and change to boot from cd and try to run a ubuntu cd rom and delete windows and switch over to linux. what do you think? i dont know what else to do. ive tried downloading a windows boot disk and a windows service pack 2 disk and it doesnt even recognise either. my cd spins but nothing happens. thanks anyway dude. im fed up with windows.

..try to repair your OS...If the issue still continue then its a hardware problem already..try to locate your memory and clean it or swap another memory to it..i hope it helps!..^_^..

that is because your laptop has ahci or sataII enabled in cmos... go into the cmos settings and change it to sata or disable it completely (there is an option for that too) then you windows CD or DVD will boot.....better still try and make or download unattended version of XP

You may be able to get a cheap XP SP3 cd from ebay that should have sata support too!

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