Hi there hope someone can help. Well i recently upgraded my ram from pc2700 ddr to pc3200 ddr took the old ram out and used the same motherboard (via px400) board. My specs are p42.4 1g cossair ram,80g hd,radeon x700 pro 256,xp home edtion. My computer will reboot and the monitor shuts down but the tower is still running. same thing happens when i restart. And also while im playing the game SNIPER ELITE it will run fine but then it will shut down and once again the monitor stays off and the tower continues to run. Could the ram i bought just a few days ago be bad??? I even thought it could maybe be my cpu fan not keeping up so i went out and bought a copper heatsink and fan, runs cooler now but just tonight it did the same reboot issue. I f someone can help i would sure appreciate it. Please email at toyotaman76@msn.com

Since your RAM is the new piece in the system, I would start diagnosing from there. Download Memtest86, burn the ISO to a disk, reboot your system, and boot from the disk. The program will automatically load and start testing your RAM. Allow it to run for a few hours (overnight works well), and see if any errors are produced. If your system rebooted during the testing, it is possible that your RAM is not the problem and that some other component (possibly the power supply) is the culprit.

Run the test and report your results.