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Ok, good, because the motherboard came with its own OC program, so you don't have to use the BIOS. I don't think I am going to mess with that now ..


Unless you absolutely, without a doubt, know what you are doing, do not overclock. If you are dead set on overclocking, do your research. If you don't, you could fry your CPU, motherboard, RAM, and/or video card. Find some people that overclocked a system that is as close to your system as possible. See what they were able to get out of the system. Make sure that you have adequate cooling and that you don't try to go all out on the first try. The best way to overclock is knowing how overclocking works, what to expect out of your chip, and taking the overclock in small incremental steps.


I overclocked my CPU on my old computer. I know what I am doing in that department. But hey, if it doesn't need it, then why do it, thats what I say.

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