The current, or last month issue of Maximum PC built up a computer with Linux for $300, it included a minimal graphics upgrade for gaming, I would still use items I already bought and am happy with like Windows XP on it... Anyone have ideas on their article or variations in the same price range? My Compaq Presario SR1220NX is running the Cel D 2.93GHz and though I've already read and posted on the card options here, I think even a Celeron running at current processor speeds should hold up well for some time. I am thinking a custom option for me would be the 'new generation' book PCs with the ultra-small 'formfactor'. The Gamecube look PCs


Specifically, I see this socket board requires AMD chip and I am an 'Intel' guy for the past 5 years, so as a newb in the AMD woods, what is the maximum chip the MSI board used in the buildup takes? (recall Intel chips relate speed in GHz, and I am more aware of that then the odd numbers AMD uses to denote chips)
Max memory? Not sure that is really addressed in the write-up.... The board; MSI RS480M-IL