i m current using Asrock motherboard P4VT8+ plentium 4 CPU 3.00 Ghz with 256 RAM
my computer is running okay but the speed is far from my expectation,and few days ago i find on the motherboard box that it has hybrid boost safe overclocking so i got the idea of overclocking my motherboard but as a computer dummy i dun even know where to start off :o :sad:
so if anyone can provide me with helpful info i would appreciate very much.

I went back to see if you had any post detailing you RAM, and in one post you say that you have 128MB, and in another 256MB, if the maximun RAM (not combined with video card) is only 256MB, you can bet your bottom dollar that you can increase your performance appreciatively by adding another 256MB of RAM. Your board has three slots with a maximum capacity of 3GB of RAM, go for it.

does the max ram have anything to do with video card?i changed my video card to 256mb not long ago.

Just add another 512MB module of RAM, that should get you going...from what you have told us, your problem is a lack of RAM.

I was in a rush when I was writing the last post, and didn't take the time to respond to your question regarding total RAM in conjunction with your video card.

System Information will show total installed RAM.
System properties will show total minus memory dedicated to onboard video.

I hope that helps.

i would get a pair of 512 sticks of ram and not overclock the board...ASRock are not the best boards in the world and overclocking would not get you too far with them...

how do I overclock a asrock P4i45GV mother board with intel processor
from vt333 to vt400