I shut down my Acer Aspire 4930 laptop and when i turned it back on a few hours later, my screen was completely blank but i can hear the sound of the fan. What could be wrong? I'd be glad if you get to help me put this problem to rest. Thank you.

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Do you have an external monitor to hook up to your laptop?
Perhaps the screen has gone, have you had any issues the the current display?

Let us know how it goes

Not too familiar with the model but it could be:
Laptop in hibernate mode - if you press keys etc what happens or power button again?
Some laptops use a catch or pin to detect if the screen is shut - could this be stuck?

It could be that your monitor's backlight has burned out. You can very easily purchase a new backlight and replace it yourself. You should start with removing the LCD bezel, so that you can get to the backlight. This service guide shows you how to do it step-by-step: Aspire 4930 Service Guide [See page 119]. Hope that helps! - Your friends @iCorpsTechnologies

Thanks everyone for the help so far. The laptop came with a 1GB & 2GB RAM. I removed the 2GB RAM and left only the 1GB and powered the system. It came up but the screen was not displaying picture. It was just showing white light. It became clear that the 2GB RAM is bad but yet i couldn't see any picture. I tried to reinstall windows but the laptop wasn't displaying picture nor text. Any idea as to what could be wrong?

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