I have a HP Pavilion dv9417cl that shows the blue indicator light indicating it is getting power from the charger. When I push power button, the power light and the harddrive light go on for a second or 2, then shut off. I have removed the battery and pushed the power button in for many seconds to clear power circuit. Still no luck. Any ideas?

What happens when you remove the battery and connect the power to the laptop, turning it on? Do you still get a response from the lights as you described in your post? It could be that the lights are performing because the laptop is squeezing out of the battery the remnant of whatever charge there may be left in it.

When the power connector is plugged into the laptop, does it seem more loose than it used to, from when you first purchased it, for example? It is a common problem with laptops in that due to wear and tear the power connector inside the laptop becomes loose, and it either makes an unstable connection, or is completely broken.

Is there anybody you can borrow either a similar enough, or same power adapter from someone, (be aware of the power output of the borrowed adapter) just for the temporary process of testing? This would allow us to narrow down the cause of the fault.