When using skype I get loud shreaking noises from the monitor speakers, making it impossible to hear. I am forced to disconnect speakers and use headphones to communicate. tried every possible combination of speakers and settings. no luck. Any ideas?

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Try using an external microphone or temporarily mute the internal mic. I've had that problem and it turned out to be my internal mic causing it. Let us know the results.

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I had that problem also. That usually happens when you are near another computer or device. Try being in a room without any computers.

I hope this helped


note the any other device advice above.... microwaves, transmitters, wifi, remote controls and wireless and TV signals can all generate extraneous noise


Local cellphones will do this as well when they try to connect to the local cell tower. Move all cellphones away from the computer as far as possible.


It's the same noise you here when the MC at a gathering carries the mike in front of the PA loudspeaker. Acoustic FeeeEEEEEEdback.

The mic must be where it cannot hear the speakers.

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