Dear Sir/Madam,

Yesterday my laptop won't boot and there was no battery indication even if I plugged in my A/C adapter, even with my
normale battery (charged, i think). It wouldn't boot, does someone know how I can fix this?
I heard it could be fixed with an power board but I really don't know how it looks like from this laptop.
Thanks in advance!


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if you cant get it to post (ie make it to the BIOS) then it's 90% of the time your motherboard, or your power supply, especially when using it with A/C

try to plug in a different A/C adapter, otherwise your laptop is kaput.

It's really inefficient to try to change out the power supply and BIOS for a laptop without using your service provider, and in most cases cheaper to just buy a new laptop

This is a great problem which I have aslo suffered but I did directly go to the laptop technician

The warranty is already gone and if you bring it to a service provider it would cost a lot and takes very long before it has been repaired. Then again an older laptop would bring more cost then a new one if the repair is changing an motherboard of the laptop.
So I would like to know the cheapest way to fix it?

to buy it and DIY - good luck.

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The problem seems like tha AC charger has gone. Have you tried any other charger ? Try if not. The problem might be associated with the MB also.

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