So I've been getting the white lines problem on my LCD that gradually increased and reached the ghosting stage where the entire LCD panel would go white/greyish and I wouldn't be able to view a thing.

Feeling adventurous, I opened up the laptop and found to my surprise that there happens to be a sweet spot behind the LCD (along the green connector) that when I press gently, would turn the screen back to perfectly functional. So to keep it pressed all the time, I attached a small piece of wood to the back LCD support frame. Fortunately, it worked for a few days after which the problem re occured and then I opened it up again and put a bigger chunk of wood in there this time.

So, right now the LCD is working fine but it does show those white flickering lines.ghosting when I TILT the LCD. However, once stationary, it seems to be fine. Now, slowly this technique is also proving to be only a temporary solution.


It is most likey to be the screen failing, since you have had the laptop apart look for the part no on the screen, then check against the internet for a replacement screen, check to make sure you have the correct connections and the right backlight, cold cathode CCFL or LED. Question the supplier before purchasing the screen. Replacing the screen is relatively easy, you may be able to find video on the internet that will eithe tellyou or provide you with enough clues to do it. I find the hardest part is removing the bezel espcially with web cams and microphones embedded in the frame. Watch out for the wireless antenna wire as well! If the Laptop is less than three to four year old it will be worth doing it, often the replacement screen is only £40-50 you will have to convert that to your local currency....

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