I have HP Pavilion G6 1118-tx laptop. I need to buy a new RAM for my laptop as my old RAM. I have uploaded here the quotation that the HP service center gave me. And considering my budget, I want to confirm this only if I have ABSOLUTELY no other option left. so please tell me if i have any other options. Thank You.

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Any make of PC3 10600 ram will work perfectly in your laptop. My HP that I am using right now has hynix ram in it as an example.

Crucial have easy memory selection system where you provide laptop manufacturer, model number etc. If not sure of any of data you can always use their system scanner app to do it for you

in a few cases just make sure that the memory has the same technical specifications.

Try the Crucial system scanner, or pick exactly the Right make model etc from the hardware listing, unless the hardware is very esoteric, or exotic, then get the Memory spec exactly right and you shouldn't have a problem.

No, but you have to choose a same on as your one that has the same type like DDR(2 or 3) . And the bus speed should also be the same. Those are the main two parts to consider

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