unfortunately my DVD ROM has stoped working (it cannot play cd or dvd but it can open). It is not recognized in my computer either. It is listed in the device manager with an excamation mark. What could be the cause of this problem and how can i nurse it?

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With Windows systems, sometimes it seems to lose connections with devices - a problem I have with USB drives on occasion. The solution is to go to the device manager and remove the device and controller from the system, then reboot. The driver will be reinstalled and reconfigured on reboot, hopefully restoring access to the device. At least it works for my USB issues... :-)

Does your computer have Norton on it? Or have you used Norton in the past?

My Computer does not have norton, am not sure of previous use of norton.

I agree with you Rubberman. If the problem occur again, try to reconnect DVD rom's cable.

I Have a Dell Dimension 2100,Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition,It is eqwipt with a CD -ROM and a Floppy Disk. THere is a PLug for a DVD-ROM, can I install one and expect it to work.

Windows millenium will require a driver which will undoubtedly be no longer available so the answer is nope.

gikonyo, just in case, open regedit by typing regedit in your start menu search box then hit find in the edit menu, type upperfilter in the search box and see if it finds anything.

Does your DVD-ROM has a driver that comes on it when you purchase it? You my need to re-install it or update it. Or you can also right-click on it from the Device Manager and go to its Properties and troubleshoot the problem, roll back the driver or update the driver.

You need to identify also when the problem occurs. When did it started and what are the things you do or the changes you made on your computer before it started. For more information on this matter, try to click on this link to troubleshoot the problem: http://www.techyv.com/questions/dvd-reading-problem-dvd-rom

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