I have a four and a half year old HP Pavillion dv4 laptop. Today, I saw a thin 1px red horizontal line on the near top of my laptop screen. The line sometime changes to light blue. I tried connecting an external monitor and found that the problem is with the hardware. After a while display started to flicker a bit.
The graphics works fine and drivers are updated too. I know that this is a problem with the display(hardware).

I am thinking of getting rid of the display as I don't think that taking my laptop to HP support would be of any help. So is it possible to connect an external display after removing the laptop's default display?

I am thinking of getting a monitor which I would like to connect to my laptop after I remove the display component. What are the problems that I might face? Also my laptop has Nvida GeForce 9200 GM card and the resolution of my laptop was 1280x800. Now should I get an HD monitor? Will my graphics support an HD display?

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If you have uninstalled the old drivers, reinstalled, then the only thing else it could be, is the Inverter or LCD screen. Flickering is usually a sign of the Inverter going bad.

You can use this site for a guideline on pricing http://www.sparepartswarehouse.com/HP,Laptop,Parts.aspx I have purchased parts through them in the past, and never had any issues.

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