Hello everyone,

My son was playing Maplestory on my laptop and the screen suddenly started displaying jarbled colors, verticle and horizontal color stripes and blocks, sometimes flashing blocks mixed in.

It had done this a couple times prior, but a simple restart would fix it.

Now, it won't display correctly at all. I cannot read anything on the screen or see anything but a colored mess so I cannot see to fix anything.

Starting in safe mode produces the same thing. I tried hooking up a couple of different monitors to it, but nothing appears on the external monitors at all although the small light next to the monitor connector is green. I tried using the function/F7 key to try and switch over to the other monitor and shutting the lid of the laptop to try and force it to switch over. But, still nothing.

I also tried hooking up a different power cord to it, no change. I took the battery out and reinserted it, still the same.

I'm out of ideas. I would really appreciate it if someone could please help me.

Thankyou in advance,


IBM R51 Laptop
Windows XP Pro
Radeon 9000 ATI Graphics Card

Better you re-install your operating system start from clean and Dont' give it your son to play for any games.

hello all
i have the same problem as above but i have also tried to startup from a boot disk but the problem continues as i cannot even reinstall any ideas

Hello please don't rise the dead.

Please describe your problem start with when you turn on the device also mention what device you have.