I just wanted to get a few opinions from people before I spend monery on a new external hard drive. I love to test new beta products. I am downloading windows vista beta 2, along with the new office 2007 suite. I had installed the office beta on my good machine, and decided that that was not such a good idea! :) I want to install vista, but not on my mission critical system. Does anyone know: if I install a usb 2.0 hard drive (external) along with my standard system drive (internal) and an extra storage drive (internal), will I be able to install vista on my external drive without affecting my good, internal system drive. I want to be able to have a drive for testing new stuff, which is what I'm planning to do with this external drive. I've never used an external drive, so I don't know about installing an operating system on an external drive and having the other on my internal drive. Thanks for your help!!!!

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I don't believe that external hard drives are capable of being boot off of, although I can be mistaken.

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