I'm wanting to upgrade my Acer V173 TN 17" monitor to something larger and clearer (maybe 24") to go with my Mac Mini. I use my computer mainly for novel writing, e-mailing and browsing. I play no games, watch very little in the way of video and don't do anything like photo editing therefore colour rendition is not a high priority. What IS important to me is clarity of text on the screen. Monitors that offer flicker-free and low blue light technology are of interest to me though the latter can be obtained with an app. My question is what type of monitor screen is best for me needs. I read such varied assessments of the screen types but most reviews seem to focus on gaming which is totally irrelevant to me. VA screens offer greater contrast but I would welcome opinions.

Probably an LED back-lit LCD display of at least 1920x1200 resolution (higher resolutions are now available such as 4K displays). I'm not sure that in your case any particular technology is preferable, though you might want to check them out at a computer store near you.

Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, I live out in the sticks so there isn't a decent computer store within reasonable reach.

Even here, in the sticks of USA, Amazon Prime is my answer. I can return if it's not good enough. Google like this:
Amazon Best sellers computer monitors.

Stay in the top 10 and there are reasons why those are there. Of course you have to match what works with your computer.