I've been building a new system for the past agonizing month and i ran into the same problem once already and figured i shorted the mb. I bought a new one same exact one and the same problem is still coming up. All fans and leds come on. Drives dont come on neither does the harddrive. No lights no sounds trays wont eject. Also, no monitor display altohugh the fan on the PCIe card comes on so i know it is recognizing it. What do I do now?

also i replaced the PSU after frying it.

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That story hurts deep.

Looks like you have PSU problem there. If a harddrive won't spin-up.
Or you may have plugged ide cable upside-down. That is, if you have one of those cheap ones that you CAN plug upside down.

I suggest that you try basic steps:

- try PSU-Mobo-cpu only if you have beeper. (no drives, PCI cards or memory plugged). You should hear 1 short and 2 long beeps or 1 long or repetitive short beeps or combination of them. Depends on BIOS settings. If the "halt on" is set on "all errors", you will hear only one error code.

- try PSU-Mobo-cpu-VGA (first step if you don't have beeper) You should see the message like "no memory installed" or "ram error" or hear the 1 long beep. (depende on your BIOS specific beep codes).

From now-on, if you get some positive results, try plugging in one by one component and see what happends:

- memory
- HD only (see what BIOS detects)
- optical (-II-)
- all other stuff

I suggest you get a beeper, for it can be really usefull with troubleshooting newborn PC's, like tell you if your mobo-psu-cpu combination is healthy or not.

P.S. If the vga fan turns on, it only means that vga is getting power.

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