All I did was reboot to download expl 7 which I had done on second machine with no problem. On my main computer I had uninstalled spybot and was rebooting to go forward computer now will not go past Gigabyte Titan intro screen and just sits with the mb process light on all the time. When turning on at mains and restarting the Gig screen goes off but then just a black screen. Do I need to call the cavelry straight away or are there things I can try to troubleshoot the problem myself.

The PC has been no trouble for 3 years plus I do not believe it has suddenly just gone phut.

Reading some other threads before joining I am conscious that some companies talk people into spend spend when it was actually a small and cheap problem, knowledge is definately power when it helps to keep you from wasting money.

Please help I am lost with out my PC

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You should enter the BIOS (press Del when booting) and disable the boot screen logo. Also disable the quick POST. That will make your PC to do more checks on POST and you will see some progress instead of the logo. Post here any new info you collect.

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