Hey first time posting on these forums, so thanks ahead of time for anyone who responds.

Anywho, i got an NEC laptop Model #07FF21950. System boots up fine on an external monitor and such, but trying to get the LCD working again is being difficult. Originally the LCD went bad, no boot up on screen, not even light or any sign of functioning. So replaced the screen; same model number ect. System still boots fine through external monitor but internal LCD will only boot to a white screen that flickers to black when going through post and boot screen changes. this leads me to believe that the screen is getting signals from the system, but something else is boogered up.

All signs point to bad hardware, but im holding out hope that its something else that can actually be fixed.

Any advice is appreciated.

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I am not familiar with your laptop but sometimes the trouble is not in screen itself and the screen is usually fine, it just a matter of connector design of the screen which tolerates the connector to move slightly so it creates loose connection or some build up on the connector. Some are putting tapes or other non-conductive material to prevent it to move. But, if I were you, I will send it back to the store until the warranty period is still in effect.

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