ok i have a toshiba satellite laptop... i just over a year old... now all i have every plug into the the usb slots are my wireless mouse and at times my camera to download the pics from it... as of a few days ago i plugges the wireless mouse into it an the makes the sound that it knows it plugged in but does not work... changed the battery in the mouse ofcourse but still nothing... So i thought it was just the mouse or somrthing... but today i just tried to plug my camera in to download some pics i took... again i hear the ding dong that it makes as i plug it in but i cant download the pics.... the screen that usually came up saying where i would like to put the pics into does not come up... (the one that says where would i like to import the pics to???) what is wrong here... Ive gone through the device manager thing and it said all ports or hubs are working properly...

Can someone help me here....

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Are you still having the problem?

After you hear that 'ping', when you look at the active programs (near the clock) side of the task bar - can you find the green disconnect device arrow?

If so, what does it tell you about the device?

If you are running XP, bring up Windows Task Manager (ctl-alt-del), click on processes tab, click CPU 2 times - this will give you the process that is most active, then plug in the device and see what is activated.

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