I've posted other threads, but they were resolved.
2 weeks ago my CPU was over heating Due to LARGE amounts of dust in the Heatsink.
very, very scary amounts...
it caused my system to shut off without warning.
Now I'm still having an issue with my system.
It will Either Turn on, and Freeze during boot(or in windows) or it will still reboot on its own.

Here are my Specs

Asus p5gd1-vm mobo
1.75 Gigs Ram.
1 Gig of PNY DDR Dual Channel, 512 HP Ram DDR Dual Channel , 256 corsair DDR single Channel
160Gb sata HDD,, Western Digital. (fresh Format)
Nvidia GEforce 6200 PCI-E 256MB
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (fresh install, No other installs added)
(forgot brand) 450 watt PSU
Oh, and a LiteOn DVD+DLWR drive

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As i said in the PM to ya, you should give your computer a good hovering out/clean with an anti-static cloth.
I would take out everything inside your machine, unplug everything and give it a good clean, wipe all of the contacts with an anti-static cloth though, a vacumn cleaner may do more harm than good.

yes a vacuum cleaner generates bad static i think.

i think you may have slow roasted your CPU :(

Also when you took the heatsink off, did you reapply new thermal paste? your supposed to reapply it if you remove the heatsink from the CPU or else it doesnt have a very conductive seal

Hmm, yes i did Reapply the thermal paste, and i have not yet tried the vacuum i have a dyson, so it may help in the suction.
I will also try my Mini Compressor.
I just hope it isnt dead

Is the GeForce the only video card?

If not then try removing the geforce and using
the onboard video. Sometimes if a PSU overheats it generates less watts of power and therefore leads to random reboots/crashes

(e.g when i play an intensive game like far cry, it happens to me)

Sometimes it might be memory incompatibility issue.

Try to remove the stick/s you have just recently installed. Check what will happen.

Or install one stick then start the computer. If the computer starts normally, reinstall an additional module. Continue until you have identified a faulty (not compatible) stick in your system.

So I have done the Removing the GeForce, and using onboard.
That didnt help. but i do have another PCI here. So i will try that. Cause i know thats brand new.
And I've tried the memory thing.
But i think I will try some new memory just to make sure the ones I have now are/aren't fried.

You don't need to install a new memory stick, just follow the above post.

Okay. well. When I did the Individual Ram Thing... The 1 gig stick worked.
But I just took it out.
And Now im not getting lockups at the BIOS splash
But I've only got 256 right now

Your recent post seemed confusing. Please elaborate in details.

I would get Freezing issues when i started my system, Either Lockups at the Ubuntu install, windows install, windows boot, or even my splash screen for BIOS.
But without the 1 gig stick.
I no longer get that

Only once did i have that issue, and it was because my computer is picky with the restart button

Are your memory sticks made by the same company and are they the same speed? I've seen this cause problems such as you are having.

To test its efficacy, try first to install the 1GB then start your computer.

If the problem persists, it is a memory problem whether it is defective or not fully compatible with the motherboard.

Or If the fault is from the dimm slot, try the another slot.

If the problem disappears, add the other two sticks one by one.

Okay, I'll try that method.
I am sort of leaning towards the Slot being bad.
I had them installed on other systems, and worked fine.
But when they hit this one (as single peices on first slot) It would get a memory dump

I've always worked on the principle that memory slot pairs should be balanced. Also, in your CPU manual, it'll tell you how to balance the 4 slots on your mobo. I suspect your problem will go away if you match the 512MB card in the other slot. I'm assuming that you've got all the right speed specs. I very much doubt you've got a slot problem.

its possible you might have done extensive damage to the cpu during the overheat. normally the heat limit that auto shutdowns the computer is around 90-95 degrees celcius. that is rediculous. it should be around 65. as you can do damage to a computer already at 70. if your computer did get to 95 degrees you might as well say goodbye to that cpu already. i can keep my cpu under 60 while overclocking it from 2.6-3.8 and benchmarking it at the same time and i only have stock cooling. my parents onthe other had idles at 2.4ghz and 64 degrees. it could just be a low quality cpu u have that means its temp is so high celerons are really bad for that by the way.

90-95 degrees celcius. that is rediculous. it should be around 65. as you can do damage to a computer already at 70

My P4HT has been running at 85c for nearly 3 years straight and its working just fine.

it could just be a low quality cpu u have that means its temp is so high celerons are really bad for that by the way.

i disagree with this also. All celerons ive come across seem to run at the same, or less than the equivilent pentium.

Please also try to speak properley and not say


This Thread is getting old.
And My system has been working for the last 3 weeks or so.
And To Say. I dont know where the temp. things are coming from.
My system runs fine at about 30C and it's a P4HT

My ram is a little on the short side though :/
cause of the issue i had with my last memory

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