i'm totally not computer literate i'm just trying to find some help! My cd burner for some reason can't or won't read the cd's i'm trying to burn. Both the cd and dvd's play, but i cannot for some reason burn an audio cd. When i put the blank cd into the drive, i get a message saying "please insert blank disc into drive"....i've checked the drivers (well as well as a computer idiot can) i've looked for updates, downloaded updates...i've been doing this for 8 hours and i can't figure out the problem....UGH...can someone help this IDIOT??!!! pppllleeeaaassseee??!!

Er, this is the wrong place for such questions. This forum is for people progamming in C++.

A CD usually needs to have some formatting done to it before writing. Perhaps your software is complaining that it hasn't been prepared to write audio data to it?

i apologize, i'm just trying to find some help, i thought this was the place to do it...

I think it's a software problem. Try different programs perhaps? I recommend Sonic over Nero.

I actually have Sonic, it came with the computer. I thought maybe i had an outdated version and have tried updates etc., but nothing seems to be working...it's very frustrating

try butning a music cd through the burn tab in windows media player and see if that works

i've tried that too....i give up

Robyngar, when the problem started?
My english is terrible :) (by google)

You tried to make a restoration of the system?

i hope u r cd drive is working as usual while reading dc or dvd but u r cd drive is not detecting a plane cd to burn,ie u r cd writer is not working in u r cd writer.please show this to a computer servicing center,

commented: please dont use "u" and "r" - "leet speek" is against the rules -4

from my previous answer i want to edit more and that is there is one more thing to check and that is wether your cd writer softewere like nero or alcohol is working or not i can also cause such problems,co before showing it to service engineer please chesk it also

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