My laptop computer boots up really slow and shuts down really slowly. I have to hold down the power button just to turn it off. When I try to type I have to push each button a few times before it shows up. I just put new memory in because I couldn't see anything on the screen so at least that is fixed but now I have a new problem. Thank you for any ideas.

when you mean boots up slowly, is it slow during POST or during OS loading? if it slow during POST then check your memory stick, if it is slow in OS loading then check your HDD or OS it could be a software problem.. hope this helps..

Added memory, which you've done, can shorten boot up/shut down time because resort to the paging file is reduced.

But there are other causes too. Like what gets started up at boot time; how much real data (as opposed to links) is stuck onto the desktop.

I suppose you could boot with Bootlog turned on and you could post the bootlog here for inspection and advice.

I thought I put the other problem but I guess I didn't. It also just suddenly turns off by itself but then I can turn it right back on. Thanks.

Also how do I boot with Bootlog turned on cause I really have no idea.

It's one of the F8 options - you know, the options when you go into Safe Mode.