hey fellas, new to the forum!! glad to be here!

gonna start my first thread with a problem with my home pc. i have a feeling its my motherboard, and something to do with my RAM, maybe a virus ate my cpu up. but anyway......about 2 months ago my pc started having problems turning on. it would turn on, sometimes, it didnt. when it didnt turn on, i mean that the power works and you can hear the hd spin up, but there were no beeps and the monitor power light would stay amber colored. i tried disconnecting everything except the hd and RAM, and still nothing. then i tried taking one stick of RAM out and leaving the other one in to see if it works, it turned on once like normal. then i shut down and powered up again, and nothing. i even tried turning on the monitor first then tried to power on the computer, nothing. i dont even get a BIOS screen. like i said earlier, usually when the computer would boot, id here a "beep", dont get that now. is there any steps i can take to try to find the culprit?! its buggin me, at least i have a laptop to use, but i dont like using it for everyday things. thanks guys and would appreciate the feedback and help!!!

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it sounds like your mobo is the problem, could be a cold solder somewhere one the board... hard to tell... could also be the psu...

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