I own an XFX 680ilt motherboard. I am considering an increase in ram (4gigs) but I need some guidance.

The mobo is set for 800 mhz memory (which is what I have now), but even the factory tech at XFX stated the mobo BIOS could be overclocked to accept the higher speed and utilize it. I looked it up in the BIOS and yes, it can... but,

Is this a safe and stable option? I'm a gamer and looking for increased system speed. I'll buy 800 or 1066 memory depending on what I learn here. Point is: I don't want to burn out components, 'cause I can't afford to buy new ones every year... any advice will be taken seriously.

Also, is it true that Windows XP cannot use more than 2 gigs of ram, so that more than that would be a waste of money?!?!



it's not that xp can't use more ram, it's that you really don't need more than 2gigs. 800mhz will be stable and dependable so long as you but good quality ram. 1066mhz can be reliable, but you'll need to buy high quality ram to ensure stability. i would recommend corsair's dominator series.