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At the end of the day it is a completely subjective topic. The 'best' distro is the one that works best on your hardware and best fits your work-flow and your needs. If you are new to Linux, I recommend getting hold of some livecd's for different distros and see which one you like best.

IMHO with Linux, there is so much choice out there it's really hard to pick a single distro above all others!


If you are new to Linux, you can use the Ubuntu version, because we can install the Linux version into the Windows as a Program.

but there are lots of Linux flavors, for Educational purpose you can use ubuntu, fedora. for production environment you can use Redhat, etc ....

It depends ....

Good Luck


I am new in Linux operating system.
Can any one tell me which one is best....Red hat , Mint , solaries.

"solaries" (I guess you mean Solaris) isnt GNU/Linux, its UNIX....

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