ok, i'm technologically challeneged so please bear w/ me.
i've just moved up from my old beaten up white macbook to my new 17" MBP came w/ snow leopard etc. i had a friend do the installs for me, including final cut pro - which is the main reason why i'm on a mac.

i start editing some standard footage and sound... after working a little bit, the sound will suddenly go PPZZZZPPP!! it's a loud crackle and seems to happen whenever i hit a sound clip that's not 48khz. then after it crackles, almost everytime i hit a button the sound will come back, when when playing clips that are 48khz, or if i'm just clicking on a button or opening up another app (eg logic) or even just pressing the volume button. it is really bad. i can't work on it once it starts to crackle.

ok, i know i should have all my audio at 48, but i would expect that the MBP would be able to handle this, given that my white macbook could. FCP all seems rather sluggish and dropping frames too often and i'm only editing standard definition footage and not running any other apps, nor on the internet.

i suspect this may have something to do w/ quicktime 10, but i'm not sure. and given that QT 10 is part of snow leopard, there must be a way to do this? i did have QT 7 install as well. (i'm in the process of wiping my HD and re-installing the OS...)

of course i couldn't reproduce the problem at the genius bar....