hi, im having the same problem of connecting my mouse and moving but wrongly, it just feels different, the sesibility and everything. i already changed the settings but its still the same. can someone please help me

Try plugging it in to various USB ports, that worked for me. Some do and others don't.

Hi Dioioib I have a mouse that recently bought a new one is a Genius micro traveler 9000r and when I use it on a my windows computer works perfectly but when I try to use it on the macbook it does not work it's like I do not detect it please help me !!

Thanks you so much i think thats its the problem @ rproffitt

my mouse is not working on my macbook air doeas anyone know a solution i plug it into my windows computer and works perfectly but on my macbook it is not being detected (not moving) but the red light is on someone help me please

if its a usb, I have found that the best way to handle this situation is to plug and unplug it until it works. Sorry but this is the best solution i know.

I'm adding this here, even though nobody has written on this topic in ages. I had the same issue, generic wireless mouse not working on mac. I downloaded an app called USB Overdrive. After installing, I went to "System Preferences" and clicked on 'USB Overdrive. ' In the Settings tab, I clicked on the drop down menu and chose 'new duplicate settings' and then "wireless receiver, any application.' After I did that, my mouse started to work.

I honestly got sick of it and bought a wireless mouse.

I am also having the same issue with my new Macbook Pro. The mouse worked fine on my old laptop. The USB port is fine, as it worked with an external hard drive that I connected to the laptop. The USB port is on a multi adaptor that I had to purchase bc the new MB Pro only has USB C ports. When i first turned on my laptop this morning, the mouse DID work, then laptop went to sleep due to inactivity, I came back and the mouse is not working again. I had the same message from my laptop too about "if its not a keyboard you can ignore it" I think there is an issue with the software. Keen for an answer.

The mouse is not an issue. Any mouse and keyboard will work on Mac, so dont worry about it.
Go to the device manager and click on mouse properties. Now, you need to update the mouse
driver. Click on update driver and I hope your mouse will start working.

commented: Do you understand that a Mac is not a Windows device? Macs don't have a "device manager" and don't baffle the user with "update driver". -3

Just try to restart your pc still mouse is not detected and go to the start and in the run type msconfig and press enter and then enter into the services and see that HID is running or not.If not then go in tools and select the option Computer Management and hit launch.This might would be work out for you.....

commented: msconfig on a Mac? Try reading the post before replying. -3
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