I am looking to deploy iPads into our corporate environment. I spent quite some time reading up on iOS 6 features on Apple's website, where the articles discuss "configuration files" which can be used to secure the iPads and create security rules like forcing a password for logon and also the configuration of exchange activesync. The articles do not however discuss how to make these work. Does anyone have experience with this and can shed some light or point me in the right direction of how to create these config files?

BYOD to a corp environment is always tricky and Active sync control over a device is not the best.

For Ios, you will want to create a device profile and post to a corp site that the end user can access, click, and install. The corp profile can have info like wifi config, CA/root Certificates, Pin enforcement, etc...

STart here:

There are a lot of security issues related to having these devices on a corp network (lack of admin central control, remote wipes, encryption, etc...) So be sure you are comfortable with all that.