I am having a problem launching all of my Microsoft Office XP software. everytime i try to launch a program like word, excell, frontpage, powerpoint, I get the message " error 1706, can not find the required files" then another box pops up and says, "insert microsoft office XP professional with frontpage disk and click ok".
The only problem is that i did not receive a disk like that with my computer and the company i bought it thru, is no longer in business. What do I do? I realy need these programs, and can not afford to go and buy the software package.
Can someone help me out.


Download and install OpenOffice. http://www.openoffice.org/

Use it instead. It will read and write data files which are in the form of the native MS Office formats.


I like the OpenOffice idea too. Very much.

But if you insist on Microsoft Office XP, you are going to need to call Microsoft and see if they will send you new media. And if you are really in a pinch, you can go with $$ to the local computer store and get a new copy in a nice plastic wrap.

OpenOffice is the way to go.


If you have a legal and registered product number, call M$ they will send you a replacement for about $25.00

But Open Office is a great alternative.

Another alternative of course, is that if the computer is a 'brand name' one it may have the files for installing OS and bundled software in a 'hidden' partition on the hard drive, and you've merely failed to see the section of the product documentation which tells you how to retrieve and reinstall them.

If, on the other hand, the "company i bought it thru" is actually the mob who assembled and sold a 'white box' PC, and has since gone out of business I'd consider it highly unlikely that installed software provided without the accompanying installation CDs is actually legitimate. In that case OpenOffice is the best available alternive considering the funds aren't available to purchase the software legitimately.

The company I got it thru had been in business for 20 some odd years in my town. Very respectful and trustworthy. The software came already on my computer, but with no disk. You had mentioned that it could be on my hard drive. How do I check and see if it is? Would I be able to install it from there? If you don't mind giving me steps to get there, I would appreciate it.


Has your compouter got a brand name and model number printed on it? If so what are the details?

If your PC isn't a major brand, such as Compaq, HP, Dell, Asus and so on then it's highly unlikely that this will be the case.

Did the PC originally come with instruction booklets etc etc....? Do you still have them?

There are no 'fixed rules' about how such procedures are carried out, I'm afraid. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and only the major manufacturers proveded such features.