Okay, so here is the scoop. My grandfather has poor vision, and as such, set his computer monitor to a very large resoltion. I needed to access a flash application that wouldn't fit in a whole browser window on his current resolution, so i, of course, turned the resolution up. Being lazy, i dedcided to just leave the resolution this way and change the font size for everything else. I went under properties > appearence > advenced and manually changed all the font and icon sizes to mimic their original size. Unfortunately, my Grandfather doesn't like this "new look" and wants me to explain to him, over the phone, how to set it back. I know the resolution it was on, but how do i reset the font and icon sizes back to their default sizes without having to manually do it?

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there a few ways you can change the font on the pc it can be done thropught the display appearance tab, u can change the font size there options are normal large or extra large or click on the effect button and check the option to use large fonts.
then the next option would be on the settings tab then click advance button and change DPI setting, the font size will change also


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