Please i need help. I was on internet when suddenly a bleu screen appeared saying that microsoft close my laptop for preventing the data to be lost. And one paragraph after, it said : if this screen appears again please install or déinstall software or harware. And this was writen like in DOS caracter..

Then i freaked, i don't remember if i stop with the power button by myself of the laptop closed alone.

I think someone sent me a virus.. Now i am NO MORE ABLE to open my laptop, i rebooted, f2,f12 anything, nothing works... I heard the fan 2 secondes after nothing, my screen is black. Before going to Future shop, i need to try something with your help. I am devastated i am afraid that the hard disk had been touched and i will lost all my music, pictures and everything.. Now i don't know what to do. Please helpppp :-(

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ok i found my answer... I went to future shop and they said that even if he tries to open it, with fn something, f2,f12 or watever nothing works

So this is a physical problem (carte maitresse)... it's badddd.. My laptop will be sent to Toshiba.



I just read your post...

So when you turned on your computer it was all black with nothing at all showing up on the screen, even for a second?

Sending it to Toshiba sounds like an easy option, but you should find out if they'll recover your data or not- I'm not sure myself.

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--The Comodore


how old is the laptop?

if less than a year and u have anti virus enabled, its a hardware problem
if over three years w/out antivirus enabled, then its probably hardware or trojan/virus

When u get it fixed, make sure u have a decent anti virus program availiable and updated. this is very important. if possible, try to convince toshiba u have a lemon and tell them it needs replacement. this can work if u call one of those not so smart tech support dudes. also, always back up data so music/files won't get lost should any thing like this happen again.
FYI- Major brand pc companies (including toshiba) will return your product to factory condition, minus updates, additional files, music, photos, videos, and even internet bookmarks. hopefully your data was backed up.

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