Anyone that can offer any assistance to this thread please do so soon. :(

I am running Windows XP Pro w/SP2 - Custom built system
Last week I unfortunately caught a bug - (google / maxfiles) pop up virus of some sorts. I have McAfee installed but it did not detect it or clean it. A friend recommended that I get Nod32 virus detection program. I did, ran it and it cleaned a few other things but not the google pop up I was trying to get rid of. When I rebooted yesterday my system starts up fine, goes to the desktop and I can utilize different icons on the desktop and start menu for about 10 seconds. After which Windows doesn't necessarily "Lock" but I cannot run anything and it appears like the desktop is there but the system doesn't think it is. Meaning I can't interact with any of the system icons, desktop icons etc. but the pointer is still there and moving. If I do Ctrl+Alt+delete it will not bring up my system manager either. I tried going into Safe mode (which works fine) and uninstalling the Nod32 program which I can only assume is the problem at this point. It will not uninstall in SafeMode. When I run msconfig and disable almost everything except the files needed to run I get the same result. It would seem to me that the problem is definately 3rd party software and not Windows itself - since it does run fine in Safemode. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Its strange lots of people are getting the same problem but no solution?

if its new the fixes aren't instantiations! company have to come up with the fix ! or this is
always, MAC lol


Actually, it seems like one guy has this problem and has posted it many,many places.

Type "windows xp freezes/hangs" in google then see the results.


anyone who doesn't come back within hrs of posting for help usually has posted for help in to many places .and doesn't remember them all.or come back and expect instant free help ,and it just doesn't happen because some of us sleep too.and then they don't come back ever or for days .


I'm sorry no one seems to be helping you. Lets see what I can think of.

Do you still have your CD you used to install your OS? Is it windows XP or do you have a copy of windows XP (service pack 2?) Then head to www.ubcd4win.com (on another computer) download the program and create an UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) It has all sorts of useful tools, but mainly it has several antivirus and antispyware apps. Before you create the disk, though, click "plugins" and scroll down the list. Update all the antivirus and antispyware apps by clicking "config". It may take a while, but it will be worth it.

Once you create the CD (or create an ISO image that you then burn to a CD), return to the infected computer, check your CMOS settings to ensure that your computer will try to boot from CD before your hard drive, then boot from the CD. Select the option at the top of the menu, the rest isn't important now but can be handy. Run as many scans as you can (all of them?) overnight or sometime like that, and see if that doesn't find your culprit. (I'm surprised that NOD32 didn't find it....)

There's some other utilities you can try on the UBCD, honestly, I haven't had the time to try them all- there's lots! See if theres something that will help you.

If that doesn't work, there's a windows explorer like application you find at the bottom of the screen. Try to get rid of the Google toolbar this way. You can click that, and then move any important data over onto external media. Try to save as little as possible so you don't take the virus with the data. (This is always good practice, even if you're not planning to reformat).

You can reboot the computer, boot off the CD again, and enter the windows recovery console (near the bottom of the initial menu) if that suits you better.

Finally, as a last resort, you can reboot, boot off the CD again, and in the initial menu that pops up, you can select "Derek's Boot and Nuke" or something along those lines. It's the third or fourth one on the list. It will completely reformat your hard drive. Then you can install your OS again. Drastic measures, but perhaps necessary?

Save that for last! Unless you don't have anything important to lose, then it will definitely solve your problem. :)

Get back to us on this!

--The Comodore

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