i was sitting on msn and got a little worse. i have had it 4 3 weeks after they changed the main card on it and now the bluetooth and the bios have trouble.. i got a message on my screen and the only thing there stod was bios error. my bluetooth keeps turning it self off and are instaling everytime i turn it on. there are 1 more trouble there are some dll errors on it 2. what shall i do. this will be the scecond time i have to send it in for a repair in a month.. pliz need help quickly!!

Your problem and it's description are unclear. Could you please start from the beginning and explain what the problem is in detail?

the problem is my laptop freezez there are wierd sounds, laggin and much more. as i said i was on msn my screen suddenly turned blue and the cpu was chcking the bios. it found some errors and an error pop up in 5 of the run.dll.exe files. and now i have to turn it in for a new repair. its 3 weeks since i got it back after the last repair. and they said that they have changed the main card in it,

it sounds like a hardware fault nothing to do from with software so the only real thing you can do is return and hope they repair it!!

run.dll.exe <-- I doubt at this file name i am not sure but i never heard this name ! I Suggest you scan you Pc with some good Anti-Virus Like Mcafee or Norton or any other , i think you are infected with virus/trojan.

Use updated version of Anti-Virus .

Hope this will solve your prob


run.dll.exe is an spyware file from Yuupsearch adware if this file has errors it is becuase your adware or virus scanner has deleted some of the other files assoicated with it look here to remove it and your problem should be solved


oh and dont download so much crap in future or get a good firewall/av

fyi this file isnt to be confused with run.dll32.exe which is a valid windows file have a look see if run.dll.exe is in /windows or /windows/system32 to check if you have been infected!

The Windows file is named rundll32.exe and not run.dll32.exe (note the lack of a . in the Windows file)

yep sorry my mistake goleagle is correct for the spelling

if u still have a warranty, call the company and try your best to convince them that ur pc is a lemon and needs replacement, not repairs!