I have been using Vista Live File System to keep backups of programming code. Each day, I use Windows Explorer to add a new folder named according to the date (example: "080114") and then I copy files as needed to that folder. Then I close the session. I am finding that this works well for a while and then at some undetermined point, Vista can no longer read anything on the disk, although it does report the correct amount of used space. In some cases, another (XP) computer can read the CD and recover the data, in some cases no computer can read the CD.

I am careful to make sure there is plenty of space on the CD and I am careful to close the session each time. In some cases, the error occurs after I remove the CD for some reason and then return it to the computer. However, in some cases, removing the CD does not cause a problem and in some cases I get the problem without removing the CD at all. I suspect that Vista is not properly closing the session on all occasions even when I am careful to follow the same procedure each time.

Has anyone else had similar problems? I don't know whether to blame this on Microsoft or a hardware problem. This is certainly not the only problem I have seen in Vista, so I am assuming a software problem right now. I am just about ready to reformat my new machine and put XP on it. Vista sucks!

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have u tried using some diagnostic software on the disk and also on the drive itself nero had some software bundled with it

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